How to Easily Use Pills in Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Do you have trouble with the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and worry about the pills? I am familiar with the emotion. The dungeons may be challenging, but I can assist. I have your back! I did the research, and now I’m going to show you how to master popping pills without getting headaches.

The pills will be explained in this blog post. You might find them in a scary game you play. We’re going deep into the topic of pills in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, so get ready to learn more!

Use Pills in Binding of Isaac Rebirth

The Impact of Pills in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Pills in The Binding of Isaac: Re­birth play a crucial role in how each run will unfold. Their e­ffects on players can be good, bad, or ne­utral and are unknown until consumed. It’s impossible to pre­dict what outcomes they will have be­fore using them.
The game features 38 different pill effects. Depending on what the player does, they might or might not show up.

The game’s good pills have the power to greatly improve the player’s skills. There are various positive effects that you may acquire in this game. These include Power Pill, Lemon Party, Range Up, Full Health, Tears Up, Speed Up, Luck Up, and many others.
Out of the 38 options available, there is a 39% chance that the player will get a good pill. A player’s stats can be improved, their chances of completing a level increased, and they can survive the challenging obstacles by taking good pills.

However, taking bad pills can cause obstacles and setbacks. Addicted, Speed Down, Health Down, Luck Down, Tears Down, Range Down, and Bad Trip are some of the negative game effects. The final effect is still unnamed. The probability of getting a bad pill is 23%, according to statistics. For players, unwanted effects can lead to issues. They may become slower, less effective in battle, and more vulnerable to dangers and enemy attacks.

Between positive and negative effects, neutral pills fall in the middle. I Found Pills, Retro Vision, Bad Gas, Explosive Diarrhoea, R U A Wizard?, Pheromones, One Makes You Larger, Bombs Are Key, Re-lax, Paralysis, and others are among the neutral pills in the game. These have a 37% chance of occuring. The player’s current situation will determine how they impact him or her.

In Binding of Isaac Rebirth, learning to take chances with untested pills is a vital approach. Players can remember the effects of the first pill they take in a run. They are more likely to use good pills later if they avoid bad ones because of this. The likelihood of success with each pill depends on the game’s circumstances and the player’s knowledge of its effects. Before taking any pills, keep this in mind.

How to Use Pills in Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Players should be­ familiar with the game controls to play effe­ctively. The default hotke­y for pill usage is ‘Q’ for PC and a specific gamepad ke­y on consoles.

If you want to modify the controls, navigate to “controls” in the­ options menu. Learning the controls is critical for achie­ving proficiency in the game.

Players should be aware that until they are picked up, pills initially appear as ‘???’ and are unknown. Use the pill once to see what it does; subsequent pills of the same colour will also display their effects.

While playing Binding of Isaac: Re­birth, players can come across various types of pills. The­se pills serve diffe­rent purposes ranging from harmful to healing, trading, and e­ven altering the appe­arance of their character.

It’s critical to understand the various effects of pills in order to maximise the benefits of your run.

How to Apply Pills Without Touching the Screen

On consoles lacking touchscreens, taking pills can be challenging. You can use pills in Binding of Isaac Rebirth without touching the screen if you follow the instructions in this guide.

Make sure your console is configured properly for this game first. In the options menu, PlayStation Vita users can activate touch emulation. Touch emulation for games and applications can be activated by holding down the PS button for a brief period of time. You can assign the pill’s usage to another button, like the D-Pad, if your gaming console lacks a touchscreen.

Once the­ game setup is complete­, players can use pills in gameplay. To use­ a selected pill, pre­ss the corresponding button on your console. It’s important to re­member that the e­ffects of each pill are not known until take­n or identified with an item like­ the PhD indicator.


In The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, using pills can be difficult for new players. However, they can lessen confusion if they understand the controls and customise them. Use pills sensibly to maximise their benefits and minimise any side effects.

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