In Darksiders Genesis: How & Where to Unlock the Arena

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We’ll demonstrate how to unlock the Arena in Genesis Darksiders in this article.

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Arena in Genesis Darksiders
Darksiders Genesis Arena Walkthrough

The Arena is a significant area in Darksiders Genesis. To develop your character, engage in additional combat, acquire souls, and gather creature cores here.

In the Arena, three levels can be played in any order by players. To gather more souls and creature cores, they can even replay levels.

The 20 levels in the Arena get harder as you progress through them. You can also play in endless mode, but if you stop or play poorly, you’ll lose.
Instead of playing arena levels, the levels are unlocked by completing story missions. Each level has ten rounds of combat, and the enemies become more difficult in rounds five and ten.

How to Quickly Unlock Arenas

Unlocking the Arena in Genesis Darksiders

In Genesis Darksiders, there is an exciting activity called the Arena. After unlocking it, you take part. After players defeat Mammon in Chapter 6, the Arena becomes accessible. Participants can engage in combat, gather creature cores, and win rewards by participating.
Arena unlocking knowledge is essential for character development and better gaming.

Steps to Unlock the Arena

First, after defeating Mammon, speak with Samael to get a task. Speak with Vulgrim to learn more about a unique item you can win by engaging in combat in the Arena. At this point, access to the first three Arena levels is granted.

To advance in the game, you only need to finish one of these levels. You can present Belial’s Talisman to Dis after finishing any of these levels in order to obtain it. Finally, to unlock Chapter 7, speak with Samael once more.

Additional Arena Information

The Arena has 20 levels with increasing difficulty and a never-ending level for daring players. In each level, there will be ten rounds of fighting. There will be both common foes and bosses. To dete­rmine your score in this game, you ne­ed to defeat e­nemies, complete­ challenging levels and do so within the­ ten rounds. Your rewards solely de­pend on your score.

Advantages of Participating in the Arena

Participating in arena battles is crucial in the game. You get to gain creature cores, win souls, and sharpen your fighting abilities. The better rewards you earn, the higher level you complete.

However, levelling up more quickly does not improve your chances of getting better rewards. Your progress through the storyline determines the kinds of Arena levels that are available to play.

Accessing the Arena

In Genesis Darksiders, getting to the Arena is simple. Use the Serpent Hole that you normally use for story missions. To switch to the Arena while in the Story Mission menu, just press the designated key. It is best to complete the Revenge of the Fleas mission after finishing Chapter 8. There are numerous points to earn and rewards to gather.

What are Arena Points used for?

Characters in Darksiders Genesis can improve and acquire rewards with the aid of arena points. Playing arena battles and engaging in side activities will earn you points. You engage in combat, score points, and obtain cores in these battles. You accumulate Arena Points to strengthen your character and enhance the game.


In Darksiders Genesis, the Arena allows you to develop your skills and acquire cool items. Players can engage in Arena combat to advance the plot after finishing Chapter 6. You are not required to participate in additional Arena fights, but if you do, they can help you gain experience, souls, and creature cores.
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