How to Play Split-Screen Local Co-Op in Darksiders Genesis

Greetings, fellow apocalyptic horsemen! The time has come to band together and set out on a heroic journey that will feature enormous beasts, ruthless demons, and divine power.
Yes, we are exploring the world of Darksiders Genesis in-depth today and helping you beat this realm in Local Co-op mode.
Get ready to kick some serious demonic behinds as you experience a new spin on this widely acclaimed hack-and-slash adventure game.
Polish your swords, strengthen your armour, and get prepared to kick some serious demonic behinds. Let’s unleash our combined wrath on the forces of darkness together as the camaraderie and teamwork have never been so cunningly entertaining!
Darksiders Genesis Local Co Op

How to Play Split-Screen Local Co-Op in Darksiders Genesis

To set up split-screen mode for Darksiders Genesis local co-op, follow these instructions:
1. Launching the game from the profile of the main player is the initial step to take. From inside the game, the main player will be provided access to initiate a local co-op session through split-screen play.
2. Browse the game environment for a Summoning Stone. A few more can be found inside each mission. And one can be found in the lower right corner of the Void. In Darksiders Genesis, these stones are necessary to launch a local co-op session.
Find the Summoning Stone
3. Get close to a Summoning Stone and engage with it to activate the split-screen co-op feature. When this is chosen, the game enters split-screen mode, allowing both players to participate in the action at once on the same screen.
4 The second player can easily join in by pressing a button on their controller. Once finished, both players will be able to play Darksiders Genesis locally with one another.
Set Up the Split-Screen
5. Don’t forget to pick your respective characters.


Split-screen local co-op in Darksiders Genesis can greatly improve the gaming experience. To start a co-op session, both players must be present. Because the game does not support drop-in-drop-out co-op.
To set up a local co-op session and share the thrill of this thrilling game with a friend. Keep in mind to follow the above instructions.

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