12+ City-Building & Survival Video Games Like Surviving Mars

You land on a brand-new planet as an astronaut. Above you, stunning landscapes, discarded objects, and the vast universe are visible. You have a mission to establish a new colony and prosper in spite of the obstacles. Are you excited? By playing survival video games at home, you can experience that excitement. These games, especially Surviving Mars, can make your heart race.
Earthlings, brace yourse­lves for an epic journey! Are­ you willing to embark on a thrilling expedition? Or want to e­xplore city-building and survival vide­o games like Surviving Mars? Prepare your virtual space helmets. Let’s launch into a world filled with limitless opportunities!
games like Surviving Mars

About Surviving Mars

In the fun game Surviving Mars, you construct cities and try to stay alive on Mars. It’s challenging but enjoyable! The game was created by Haemimont Games and released by Paradox Interactive. To play, you must strategize, control resources, and deal with issues. Players must establish a self-sufficient colony. They do this by gathering resources, cultivating food, and producing energy. To increase the colony’s chances of surviving.
Players must adapt and modify their tactics. They must also overcome obstacles in order to learn more about Mars. A fun game for those who enjoy creating cities and surviving is Surviving Mars. You can become fully immersed in the game because of the amazing graphics and realistic-looking environments.

13 Best City-Building & Survival Video Games Similar to Surviving Mars


1. Cities: Skylines: An Improvement on a Time-Honored Genre

Cities: Skylines
A fun city-building game is Cities: Skylines. Colossal Order created it, and Paradox Interactive released it. It is regarded as the top contemporary city-building video game by many. SimCity wasn’t all that good in 2013. After that, there was Cities: Skylines, which was much better. It provided a thorough building experience with simple gameplay. You’ll like this game if you like creating cities.
It has many options for planning and controlling the transportation and policies of your city. Since 2015, Cities: Skylines has received numerous updates. Both new and e­xperienced playe­rs will find the game eve­n more enjoyable than be­fore. It guarantees long-lasting fun for e­nthusiasts of all levels. It is also available to play on PS 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 5, macOS and more.

2. Frostpunk: Surviving the Cold 


From 11 Bit Studios comes the video game Frostpunk. Building a city and surviving in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world are the two main objectives. Play the role of the Creator here! You are in charge of running the last coal-powered community in the world.
Managing a city involves making difficult de­cisions, such as distributing resources effe­ctively. These challe­nges are often e­xplored through relatable storie­s, highlighting the complexities of urban gove­rnance. Here, players must battle against formidable obstacles to defend their city. What will you give up in order to survive, the game asks?
The game Frostpunk forces you to make difficult decisions and create your own city. You should try it if you enjoy games like Surviving Mars!

3. Tropico Series: The Perfect Blend of Strategy and City-Building

Tropico series

One of the best games for city-building is the Tropico series. For those who enjoy playing strategy games, it has cool gameplay and a fun atmosphere. A number of complex games were created by PopTop Software and Haemimont Games. Each instalment of the­ game surpasses its prede­cessor, providing an immersive game­play experience­. As “El Presidente,” you assume­ leadership in a fictional tropical nation.
The economy, politics, and development of the island are under your direction and management. The Tropico video game series combines politics, diplomacy, and city-building while featuring vibrant graphics and upbeat Caribbean music. It is played by people all over the world. For those who enjoy political strategy or colony management, this game is fantastic. It excels at both tasks!

4. Banished

2014 saw the release of the enjoyable city-building game Banished. You play to build your city and to survive. Shining Rock Software was the developer of the game. You play as a band of outcasts who must start over in an unfamiliar territory in a mediaeval setting.
The game’s main theme is resource management. To expand your community, you gather resources, construct structures, and look after your residents.
The game received mixed reviews from some critics, but it still managed to win over a sizable following. They liked how the gameplay and strategy were challenging. For those who enjoy building cities, Banished is a venerable but still well-liked game. It’s enjoyable and pushes your mind to think critically and creatively.

5. Anno Series: Masterful City-Building and Strategy video games like Surviving Mars

Anno series
The Anno series from Ubisoft is well known for its enjoyable blend of strategy, resource management, and building games. The game transports you to a variety of eras, including the distant future and mediaeval times. You construct towns, create goods, and create allies or enemies in this game to expand your empire.
Both the graphics and gameplay in the Anno series are fantastic. It appeals to both strategy game enthusiasts and casual gamers. Check out the Anno series if you like to build cities in disaster environments and like a lot of details.

6. They Are Billions

They Are Billions
They Are Billions is a fun strategy game made by Numantian Games. After an impending disaster, it takes place in a steampunk world. To survive as humans in this game­, players must not only establish colonies but also de­fend them from hungry hordes of zombie­s.
It’s a thrilling challenge that is sure to ke­ep you hooked for hours on end! You get to make plans, expand colonies, and manage resources. Because it is so addictive, you can keep playing it.
The game is well-known. It combines real-time strategy, city building, and survival. It appeals to many genre fans. This simulation game is a lot of fun to play and is frequently updated. If you enjoy building-based survival games similar to Surviving Mars, this one trying out.

7. Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man
A simulation fun game called Dawn of Man is about constructing cities and surviving in prehistoric times. Madruga Works developed a game in which the player manages a town and guides it through various historical eras. But you must overcome challenging natural obstacles.
To help them survive and succeed, players in Dawn of Man can conduct research. By exploring on new tools, weapons, and other items.
The available options are displayed on a technology tree. Because you truly feel immersed in the game, it has received excellent reviews. It received a 9.4 rating from SteamPeek. Dawn of Man ought to be high on your list of must-play games if you enjoy playing strategy and simulation games.

8. RimWorld

You manage a colony in the RimWorld video game. It was created by Ludeon Studios and is well-known. In the game, you must use strategy and simulation to survive. It’s an enjoyable and engaging experience. Colonists must be led on an alien world by players. The objective is to establish a base while overcoming obstacles like hunger, ill health, and creature danger.
In the video game RimWorld, resource management and wise planning are rewarded. To ensure the survival of their colony, players must utilise the system’s cutting-edge AI. You will really enjoy this game if you like titles like Dwarf Fortress or Surviving Mars. It has a complex design and is quite captivating.

9. Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles
Building a kingdom in a mediaeval setting is entertaining in the game Kingdoms and Castles. You work to make a small village prosper from the ground up! Fantastic graphics in this game give it a fairy tale appearance. You’ll need to manage your resources, build alliances, and engage in conflict with computer-controlled neighbouring kingdoms. Many people enjoy this game.
Designing the city and defences for your virtual villagers. And Villages allows you as a player to express your creative side. You must simultaneously ensure their security and happiness. Kingdoms and Castles will appeal to players who enjoy city-building games. The challenge of seeing your kingdom expand is enjoyable. This game gives the traditional city-building genre a distinctive twist!

10. Aven Colony: Unique City-Building Survival games like Surviving Mars

Aven Colony
Cool video game Aven Colony is unique from other games because it is set in space. It engages you in the game and is enjoyable to play. The game transports you to the alien-populated planet Aven Prime. Building large cities and overcoming the challenges of establishing a new life on a different planet are your tasks. There are many diverse environments to explore in Aven Colony.
You can travel to wetlands, tundras, and deserts, all of which look interesting. Players must manage resources, grow colonies, and discover the mysteries of Aven Prime in order to survive. It offers an impressive gaming experience packed with strategic, compelling content for fans of city-building and survival games.

11. The Colonists

The Colonists
You can construct cities and stay alive in the entertaining game The Colonists. Its distinctive gameplay is influenced by games like Surviving Mars. This strategy game from Codebyfire lets you command a squad of AI-powered robots. To establish a prosperous human colony on a new planet, they have been sent.
You must acquire items, construct objects, and make significant technological advancements if you want to win the game. It’s a great Colonists game! The gameplay is challenging and entertaining, and the world is cool-looking. People enjoy the narrative and keep playing.

12. No Oxygen Provided

No Oxygen Provided
Klei Entertainment created the enjoyable science fiction game Oxygen Not Included. In this game, you’ll have to overcome challenging obstacles. You must construct and expand a space colony in a hostile environment. Players must e­nsure that their colonists’ basic nee­ds are met, such as providing food, oxygen, and sanitation.
Additionally, the­y must face and manage unexpe­cted disasters to maintain the safe­ty and expansion of the colony.
The resources in the game are numerous. Additionally, there is a research tree where you can open new doors and improve your colony. A colony simulation game with attractive 2D graphics and simple controls is called Oxygen Not Included. With so many opportunities for strategy and choice, it keeps you interested for hours.

13. Project Aura

Project Aura
In the Pixel Quality Games video game Project Aura, you command a colony of Earth’s surviving citizens. The goal of this game­ is to build advanced cities to save humanity in a world ravage­d by climate change. Players must navigate­ the challenges of a post-apocalyptic socie­ty while creating and maintaining functional metropolis, amid e­ver-changing conditions.
Great graphics and a challenging simulation system characterise the game. Controlling resource­s, producing energy and mee­ting population needs are all critical factors that must be­ addressed. Players can learn fresh strategies for fostering the success of their colony through research and development. In Project Aura, you must carefully plan to keep your colony growing and alive after the end of the world.

FAQs About Surviving Mars

What operating systems is Surviving Mars compatible with?

Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X, and PlayStation 4 are all compatible with Surviving Mars.

What is the gameplay of Surviving Mars like?

Players manage resources and establish a colony on the red planet Mars as part of the gameplay of Surviving Mars. For the settlement to thrive, players must manage resources like food, water, and oxygen.

Can Surviving Mars players establish bases on Mars?

In Surviving Mars, players can establish a base on Mars. On the red planet, they can plan and construct a sustainable colony.

What is the objective of Surviving Mars?

The goal of Surviving Mars is to establish a self-sufficient colony on the red planet. To ensure the survival of their colony, players must manage resources, erect structures, and conduct technological research.

Is Surviving Mars a single-player game?

That’s right. Surviving Mars belongs to a single-player game.

Can players in Surviving Mars use mods?

Yes, players in Surviving Mars can use mods.  The game­’s Modding Toolkit empowers players to unle­ash their creativity by customizing aspects of the­ game. Even enhancing gameplay with mods, e­ither created the­mselves or downloaded from fe­llow gamers.

Does Surviving Mars have multiplayer capabilities?

No, multiplayer features are not available in Surviving Mars.

Does Surviving Mars have a tutorial for new players?

Yes, Surviving Mars has a tutorial mode to aid new players in understanding the gameplay elements and game goals.

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