13 Best City-Building Games Like Frostpunk To Try

You should put on a warm parka before venturing out into the frozen tundra because it is extremely cold outside. You have to fight the cold, safeguard your citizens, and build a prosperous city as a leader. Greetings from Frostpunk! Despite the fact that playing it can make their fingers cold, many fans of city-building games adore it.

What happens when the storm eventually blows over and you find yourself craving more eerie, post-apocalyptic city-building adventures? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

Here are 13 video games that let you create cities similar to Frostpunk. As you defend people in adverse weather, they will put your strategic thinking and creativity to the test.

Prepare yourself for a fun time! Gather your supplies, and then turn up the heat. We’re entering a virtual winter wonderland with plenty of options to enjoy for hours!

Games Like Frostpunk

Best 13  City-Building Games Similar to Frostpunk to Play

1. Surviving Mars: The Ultimate Colony Management Sim

Surviving Mars

Check out Haemimont Games’ entertaining city-building game Surviving Mars. You must establish and maintain your own colony on Mars. This simulation-style game launched in March 2018. It has unique characters, cool retro and futuristic looks. Players must build structures that support life and maintain the happiness and productivity of their colonists.

To survive the challenging Martian conditions, they must carefully plan and exercise strategic thinking. A fun game for fans of city-building is Surviving Mars. It has a compelling plot and difficult obstacles.

2. Fallout Shelter: A Fun Cartoon Colony Simulation

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a video game that Bethesda Softworks produced. It was released on June 15, 2015, and it has been fun to play. In a world after a nuclear war, players assume the role of a Vault overseer. Similar to Fallout, the game has a cute, cartoon PipBoy aesthetic. It is your responsibility as the overseer to run and grow a VaultTec bunker to support mankind.

You have to maintain the life support system, hire people, and dig rooms in the game. You must overcome obstacles posed by bandits and death claws in order to win the game.

Additionally, you must despatch individuals to search for resources and acquire expertise. This game allows you to create a post-apocalyptic society and has simple RPG elements.

3. RimWorld: Where Humorous City Building Meets Chaos


Building cities in the game RimWorld is entertaining and unique. It was created by independent developer Ludeon Studios and released in 2016. The game features lots of crazy action. Both RimWorld and Surviving Mars must manage expanding colonies.

Additionally, Dwarf Fortress is connected to both of them. Because the game is set on a dangerous but liveable planet, it is more difficult to manage tasks. RimWorld’s AI Storyteller makes it unique.

It generates unforeseen situations for players to handle, ranging in difficulty. The entertaining video game is chaotic and humorous. If you enjoy this kind of game, you get to build a city while having fun.

4. TheoTown


In the game TheoTown, you can create a city that resembles the one in the original SimCity. This game allows you to create a really awesome city! You get to construct infrastructure, including public facilities and buildings. Making sure everything goes smoothly is the main priority.

TheoTown is playable on both computers and mobile devices. It’s a game where you build large cities and look after the little people who live in them. Despite having dated-looking graphics, the game has a lot of details and a strong sense of scale.

Numerous game elements in TheoTown are dynamic. It’s among the entertaining city-building games like frost punk that both novice and seasoned players can play for hours.

5. Banished: Part of the Compelling City-Building Games Similar to Frostpunk to Fall in Love With


Building cities is a popular game in Banished. It was released in 2014, and people adore it.

Despite some negative reviews, strategy gamers still adore this game. You must manage resources and make plans to expand your small town in the game. The game is challenging but engaging. To succeed, you must concentrate on looking after yourself. It differs from other city-building games like frost punk in the following ways.

To maintain their community, Banishe­d players must navigate tough decisions. The­ game offers endle­ss enjoyment with a wide range­ of quests, scenarios, and mods to explore­. Strategy and city-building e­nthusiasts will find trying this game worthwhile. Explore it yourse­lf to discover the hype surrounding it.

6. Townsmen: A Charming Medieval City Builder Game Like FrostPunk


Townsmen by HandyGames is a fun game that lets you construct and run a mediaeval city.
This entertaining game begins with a small village and develops into a prosperous empire. Players must establish a strong and prosperous economy for their citizens while managing a vast array of buildings, resources, and defences like guard towers and canons.

The player’s capacity to manage and defend them may be threatened by bandits and natural disasters. Even though it can be difficult, the mediaeval city-building game Townsmen is enjoyable. If you like playing games like frost punk of this nature, it’s valuable.

7. Pocket Build: A Creative City Building Game

Pocket Build

In the fun game Pocket Build, you can create your own city. You have the freedom to combine creativity and strategy. You can create your own cities, towns, and even fantasy worlds in the game made by MoonBear Ltd. Games like Frostpunk and Pocket Build emphasise resource management, building infrastructure, and caring for the populace. There are numerous building options in the game.

You can erect buildings, alter the environment, and include creatures like humans, goblins, and giants. The city-building game is available on iOS and Android. You could spend hours planning, creating, and maintaining your virtual city. Fun is had!

8. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

In the game Forge of Empires, you can construct cities and devise historical-based strategies. In 2012, InnoGames produced a game in which you take on the role of a strong king or queen. Your aim is to expand your Stone Age town over many eras into a vast empire.

You can play this game on a browser for free. You build buildings, develop new technology, and collect things. To guarantee your place in history, you must additionally compete with other civilisations.

A game with fantastic graphics, a tonne of gameplay options, and a thorough tech tree is called Forge of Empires. This makes it a good option for fans of strategy as well as casual gamers.

9. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

In the Battle of Polytopia, civilization-building, exploration, and strategy are all combined. As a result, playing it on your phone is enjoyable. There are 19 factions in this entertaining game, a campaign mode, and gorgeous graphics. Hours will pass with you hooked!

A game called The Battle of Polytopia combines tower defence, roguelike, and RTS elements. For those who enjoy these genres, it presents a fun challenge.
The players must choose between diplomacy, technology, and wonders in order to construct and defend their settlements. Play any games similar to Frostpunk? Then you’ll adore this thrilling game that revolves around turns and strategy!

10. Aven Colony

Aven Colony

In the fun game Aven Colony, you construct a city on the distant planet Aven Prime. You must manage your colony’s resources, construct homes, and oversee its expansion in this game. The buildings grow larger as the population increases. Small towns or enormous cities with skyscrapers, drones, and hovercars are both possible.

For those who enjoy building cities and playing fun strategy games on Windows and consoles, check out Aven Colony. One of the best city builders for fans of strategy games, the game has an awesome world and fantastic gameplay.

11. Dungeon Village: A Quirky City-Building Adventure

Dungeon Village

For those who enjoy city-building, the game Dungeon Village by Kairosoft is entertaining. You build a township for heroes. The game takes place in a fictional world with dungeons and monsters.

To attract heroes to your village, you need to construct things like inns and training facilities. Heroes defend the village by taking on monsters and exploring dungeons.

This game is distinct from other city-building games like frostpunk. It is entertaining to play with pixel art and contains RPG elements. The enjoyable simulation game Dungeon Village presents some difficulties. You must select heroes and oversee the development and economy of the village. For those who like playing these kinds of games, it’s fantastic.

12. Islanders


Islanders is a casual video game created by Grizzly Games that allows you to quickly build cities. For those who enjoy a challenge, it is both creative and calming. The game is played on lovely islands that are constantly changing. In order to score points and ensure that everything fits together, you must arrange the building blocks intelligently.

Frostpunk has more survival elements than Islanders, but Islanders is still enjoyable to play. Players of all abilitie­s will find this enjoyable game to have­ charming visuals and a calming soundtrack.

It is available on Windows, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. While creating cities, you can unwind. It differs from other city-building games similar to Frostpunk and lets you showcase your architectural prowess.

13. SimCity 4

SimCity 4

Even 20 years after its 2003 release, SimCity 4 is still a cherished city-building game. Maxis create­d a game where one­ can build various cities, including large metropolitan are­as, pastoral farm towns, and power-producing industrial centers.

While­ it may be an older game, it still provide­s entertainment value­. It looks like real city locations and has interesting pictures and rules.
Even years later, SimCity 4 fans continue to create new content. This implies that both new and experienced players continue to find it entertaining.
Those who want to learn about urban planning and design should definitely play this timeless game.


There are lots of options available. Do you want to play city-building games and test your planning abilities? Try playing these games. They produce virtual worlds where you are free to design and construct anything you want.

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