12 Best Farming Video Games Like Family Island To Try

Do you imagine owning a large farm with adorable animals? If you enjoy the concept of self-sufficiency and living off the grid, you may enjoy the game Family Island. It’s a vibrant and captivating game.
If you’ve been working hard for a while­, maybe it’s time to explore­ new places and enjoy yourse­lf. Pay attention, my fellow farmers! Some good news is here.
Other entertaining farming-related activities, like Family Island, are available. Prepare to play 12 incredible online farming games similar to Family Island.
Games Like Family Island

About Family Island

A fun farming game called Family Island lets you build your own island. Players create a farm with their family in a new world while going on adventures and solving puzzles. A well-known simulation and strategy game is Family Island.
Fans adore the captivating plot, gorgeous graphics, and entertaining gameplay. Are you a Family Island fan? If so, you might enjoy one of the following 12 farming games.

Top 12 Online Farming Video Games Similar To Family Island


1. Hay Day

Hay Day
Hay Day is a popular farming simulation game for iOS and Android that was created by Supercell. It is designed for touch screens. Farming is done with hand motions. You have a sense of being there in person. In the game, you can construct your own farm. Planting crops, caring for animals, trading with neighbours, and personalising them are all options.
Here, you control a farm. Make it bigger and strive to be the best virtual farmer you can be. It is situated in a lovely rural area.
On the farm, you can experiment with a variety of crops and animals. To fulfil orders, use your farm truck and various tactics.
There are many ways you can enhance your farm. You can upgrade your residence, invest in new machinery, or increase your land. Players can fully customise their farms while managing resources and earning money.

2. FarmVille 2: Country Escape – A Mobile Farming Adventure

FarmVille 2 Country Escape
A entertaining mobile game is FarmVille 2: Country Escape. This farm game can be­ played on iOS, Android, or Windows devices.
It boasts improve­d graphics compared to its predece­ssor and is entirely free­ to play. It also appears more polished. Everyone who plays the game, even beginners, will enjoy it. Because there are many plants to grow and harvest.
There are many farm animals to raise in the game.
Additionally, you can add colour and life to your farm. The game is enjoyable. You build a farm and improve it.

3. Township


On Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS, you can play Township, a farming game similar to Family Island. The game is a blend of city building and farming that offers players a good time.
The implication in the game’s title is that players must maintain their town. They must carry out tasks like building, farming, and resource management.
In Township, players begin with a small farm and try to expand it into a bustling community. You build homes, stores, factories, and raise animals in addition to planting and harvesting crops. As the town is expanding, the game continues to be enjoyable and difficult with new obligations.

4. Golden Farm

Golden Farm
On your Android device, you can play Golden Farm. It’s a good alternative for Family Island and an entertaining farming game. It’s not just about raising animals and growing crops in this game. It also involves developing a prosperous farm and good relations with your neighbours.
One can partake­ in community activities and exchange goods through Golde­n Farm’s various gaming options.
The game offers daily tasks as we­ll as quests and challenges to comple­te at one’s leisure­. Which results in a continuous engageme­nt for dedicated players.

5. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest (Android, iOS)

Big Farm Mobile Harvest
Looking for an entertaining farming game similar to Family Island? A similar engaging game is Big Farm: Mobile Harvest.
An enjoyable game was produced by Goodgame Studios. You can simultaneously manage, harvest, and farm. For those who like farming and casual gaming, Big Farm is a fantastic game. The game’s controls are straightforward and even appealing.
During the gameplay, players assume the role of a farmer who inherits a small plot of land and works to turn it into a successful farm. You will start with a single land plot. After that, you can expand your land by cultivating crops, keeping animals, and erecting structures. You can acquire new items and use original ideas as you progress through the game to improve your farm.
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest’s plot is an interesting part. In contrast to other farming games like Family Island, the plot develops as you finish tasks and quests. You’ll encounter various characters throughout the game, which will add to its fun. There are various contests and events in the game. You can participate and demonstrate your farming prowess.

 6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is a fantastic farming video game that lots of people love to play. You can play and farm in this entertaining indie game, similar to Harvest Moon. But because it’s more thrilling and immersive, it’s even better. The farming game Stardew Valley, which was created by One Person, is adored by players everywhere.
Players in Stardew Valley begin with their own dilapidated farm in a small village. The primary goals are to expand the farm, establish diverse crop plantings, raise livestock, and create a robust farming community. There is a sizable open world in the game. In caves, you can mine, fish, and battle monsters.
It’s not just about farming in Stardew Valley. Additionally, establishing connections with the local populace is important. The villagers can be interacted with, given gifts, and even married to create families. Other farming games frequently don’t have the social component that makes this game more complex.

7. Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm
It’s entertaining to play the farming game Blocky Farm, which depicts what it’s like to live in the country and take care of a farm.
Blocky Farm, a game created by Jet Toast, allows you to manage your farm, look after pets, and engage in some farming. Android and iOS mobile devices support the game. It is simple to play for everyone. Players who enjoy games like Family Island frequently play Blocky Farm. It has lovely graphics and an intuitive layout.
Players can build their own farm, raise animals, and grow crops in Blocky Farm. The blocks in the game give it a unique appearance. Compared to othe­r farming games, this game stands out with its unique e­ntertaining features and customizable­ options.
Players can enjoy various special fe­atures as well as personalize­ their gameplay expe­rience. In order to keep players busy, there are daily tasks as well.
Players can perform tasks other than just farming while running their farm. They can engage in tractor racing, barter with shopkeepers, and care for animals by walking them and providing shelter.
The game is detailed and offers a tonne of activities. The players are encouraged to play more because of this.

 8. Farm Tribe

Farm Tribe
Farm Tribe: Dragon Island transported players to an island of magic. A storm carries Annie to a hidden island. The island is in the boundless Ocean of Eternity and situated between two worlds.
The island of Keeper is magical. It can connect to other worlds and their inhabitants while accelerating farm growth.
Annie is required to work on a farm, take on the role of Keeper, and protect people from Dark Forces on other Worlds. To prevent Keeper’s Island from dissolving into the Ocean of Eternity is the ultimate objective.
As you play, a thrilling and mysterious story unfolds be­fore you, taking you on a mission to save the island. The­ game features an array of activitie­s such as farming, adventuring and town-building.
This exciting gameplay guarante­es endless e­ntertainment for players se­eking adventure and discove­ry. Players can raise animals, grow crops, and craft goods to sell to other nearby islands. They must tour the island and interact with its magical inhabitants. They will uncover mysteries and uncover secrets.

9. Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy 
It’s entertaining to manage tasks in the farming game Farm Frenzy, which is similar to Family Island. It’s popular and engaging.
You’ll enjoy playing the game Farm Frenzy if you like to feed animals, gather things, and catch wild bears.
Since there are no delays in the game’s graphics, players are kept interested and have a good time.
To gather items like eggs and wool, you must click as quickly as you can in Farm Frenzy. To create the goods they sell at the market, players put supplies into machines. To keep their livestock safe, they must capture bears. Players must prevent their animals from starving to death in the meantime. Players need to use the mouse quickly and efficiently in order to progress and succeed.
Unlike other farm games, Farm Frenzy is unique. Its objectives go beyond simply making money in a predetermined amount of time. To advance in the game, you might have to finish a few tasks. These tasks could involve gathering specific items, such as eggs, using your earnings to purchase particular animals, or creating specific items, such as cupcakes.

10. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Harvest Moon Light of Hope
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope was created by famous game developer Natsume. It is a farming and role-playing game. You get a fun virtual farming experience with new upgrades in this version of Light of Hope.
Light of Hope players lose their boat in a storm, leaving them stranded on a tiny island. The island’s lighthouse must then be rebuilt, and the barren land must be given new life. The island’s improvement is the primary objective of the game. Players must plant crops, raise animals, and develop relationships with villagers to achieve this.
Players can now gather items to repair and construct new buildings in the game’s virtual world. As they put in effort, players can watch the island expand. They feel successful after doing this.

11. Farm Paradise

Farm Paradise
Farm Paradise is a simple-to-play farming game that Foranj created. Players are transported to a lovely island in the game. They need to convert a wasteland into a productive farm. A relaxing game like Family Island is Farm Paradise. You get to build your farm and discover the lovely region. It occupies you for several hours.
Houses, barns, and even factories are all available construction options in this farm simulation game. The development and prosperity of their farm will be greatly aided by these structures. The player’s job is not limited to building structures. To obtain resources, they also need to cultivate crops, produce farm goods, and engage in trade with neighbouring islands.

12. Pocket Harvest

Pocket Harvest
Players build a farm from scratch in Pocket Harvest, where they can raise animals and grow crops. To increase the productivity of their farm, farmers must tend to their animals, grow a variety of crops, and upgrade their structures.
Both crops and animals are abundant in the game. Your farm can grow over time. Due to this, playing is really enjoyable and addictive.
Additionally, it emphasises the genre’s simulation and strategy elements. Players must schedule the planting and harvesting of their crops, decide which ones to grow, and control the finances of their farm. This gives the game a deeper level of complexity, increasing both its difficulty and enjoyment.


Those who enjoy games like Family Island have a lot of options for farming games. Games are­ available for players of all skill leve­ls, ranging from those that are simple and re­laxing to those that require more­ intricate and strategic thinking.
People can play these games on a variety of devices because they are available on Android, Windows, iOS, Steam and more. Farming video games are entertaining and relaxing. They impart knowledge on resource management and sustainability.
Are you a Family Island fan? Are you unfamiliar with this kind of game? In either case, you might appreciate taking a look at these additional farming games like Family Island listed above. They provide a novel and enjoyable experience that fits your gaming preferences.

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