12 Games Like Dungeon Village Let You Design Towns Your Own Worlds

Do you aspire to build your own city? A mediaeval town or a village that expands into an empire can be created. Be the brains behind fascinating inhabitants and magnificent buildings. Do you enjoy playing city-building games? You’re lucky if you do!
We’ll reveal 12 games that are similar to Dungeon Village in that they let you design towns and make your own worlds. Get ready to embark on a journey to remote locations and make crucial decisions. In these fantastic games, watch your ideas come to life one step at a time!
Games Like Dungeon Village

Top 12 Games Similar to Dungeon Village


1. SimCity BuildIt: A Modern Twist on a Classic City Builder

SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt is a mobile and tablet game that permits you to create your own city. It is modelled after the original SimCity game. The game was produced by TrackTwenty and released by Electronic Arts. It is based on earlier iterations but now supports touch-screen devices. All players, casual or devoted, will find it simple to play.
The main concept of the game is the same as before: players take on the role of a mayor and construct and manage a city as it expands. By zoning areas for residences, businesses, and factories and ensuring that utilities are available, you can design the city of your dreams.
The eye-catching 3D graphics in SimCity BuildIt give your city life. Small vehicles and people on the streets will give the impression that progress is being made.

2. Megapolis: A Strategic City-Building Experiment

Trying to find city-building games similar to dungeon village with appealing graphics and a solid gameplay? Go for Megapolis! You can’t just build a city at random in this game; it has to abide by the rules of the market and the economy. You’re encouraged to expand your city and bring in things like trains and aeroplanes by the game.
Your main objective as mayor of Megapolis is to improve the city’s reputation. Achieve this goal by making sure your city runs smoothly and maintains a happy population. The game is kept interesting and new for players thanks to frequent updates.

3. Townscaper

Are city-building video games your thing? Need some inspiration? Play Townscaper and let the good times take over! In 2020, independent developer Oskar Stlberg released Townscaper. Because it is straightforward, attractive, and calming, people like it.
By clicking on empty spaces, you can play the game and construct towns and cities on the water. Whatever you want to create is possible! Buildings and platforms appear as you click, allowing you to design your own city exactly how you want it.
Townscaper has no predetermined objectives or goals. It’s ideal for gamers who want a leisurely game to play while taking a break from action-packed and difficult video games.
There is no set plot or number of levels in Townscaper, but you can be imaginative and create anything. The game is fantastic for those who enjoy designing complex towns.

4. Banished: Among the popular city building games like dungeon village

In the strategy game Banished, your group of exiled travellers must establish a brand-new community from scratch. Shining Rock Software created the Windows video game Banished in 2014.
In a novel way, the game combines resource management and survival. Players must make sound plans, adapt to scarce resources and various environments.
Banished players start with a small group of outcasts. They are responsible for managing the housing, agriculture, trade, and labour in their village. The game revolves around resource management.
To take care of their citizens, players need enough food and resources. Increasing your settlement’s size is not the only difficulty. You must cultivate it sustainably to prevent resource depletion and catastrophes like famine.
The weather and seasons in Banished change, giving the game more variety.
Players must gather enough food and firewood to stay warm during harsh winters. If not, their population might go hungry, and their settlement might disintegrate.
This gives it a more immersive and realistic feel. The survival of the neighbourhood will seem to depend on you.

5. Township: A Sweet City-Building Journey

In the entertaining game Township, you construct a city and a farm. In an original way, it combines farming and city management.
This game looks fantastic and is a lot of fun. It has charming characters with emotions, well-designed buildings, and bright colours. Township game has a use­r-friendly menu, suitable for all type­s of players.
It involves building and adding structures to towns from scratch to e­nhance their feature­s.  This game emphasises farming. Crops provide resources, and harvesting them nets you money and experience.
To process the goods from their farms, players can construct factories. Users can even set up some shops and restaurants to sell some of their products.

6. Frostpunk

Frostpunk prese­nts an immersive post-apocalyptic environme­nt that challenges players to construct thriving me­tropolises.  You take over as the mayor of what may be the last city on Earth in this bleak and serious location. To keep your people alive, you make crucial decisions and implement laws.
The game’s distinctive challenges set it apart from other city-building games similar to dungeon village. To survive the severe weather, you as the leader, must construct things, manage resources, and create a system.
Building placement is crucial, so it must be done correctly. They help towns grow and keep people warm.
Each of the many stories in Frostpunk offers a variety of ways to win. This makes playing the game more enjoyable each time.
Players are required to make difficult decisions and consider potential outcomes. Sometimes they have to sacrifice something significant or take a really risky step. Your decisions in the game affect the storyline. This makes it interesting because your choices have an impact on the city’s future.

7. TheoTown

Want to become a mayor? If so, TheoTown is a game you’ll adore. You can use it to create and run an entire city. In a game created by Blueflower, you can create a city from nothing. If you like playing games like Dungeon Village, it’s a good choice.
TheoTown stands out from similar games thanks to its pixel-art aesthetic. It gives the game a cute, vintage look. Fans of older city simulation games may be pleased with the game’s resemblance to SimCity 2000.
TheoTown immerses players in the role of a mayor thanks to its realistic city management. You can create your own town in the video game TheoTown. Unexpected problems like crime, pollution, or natural disasters may arise.

8. Pocket City: A Charming City-Building Game for Casual Gamers

Pocket City
Casual players can have fun with the city-building game Pocket City on their mobile devices. You can create your own city and serve as mayor in this game. It’s enjoyable and calming to play. The gameplay in Pocket City is simple and enjoyable. It’s great for those­ seeking some re­laxation and creativity. This game­ allows you to customize the appearance­ of your city, including its buildings and structures.
There are numerous simulation components in Pocket City. Players must take care of the population, resources, and happiness of the populace. Players must carefully develop their city by balancing various areas. This gives the game more strategic depth.

9. City Mania: Town Building Game Similar to Dungeon Village

City Mania
In the entertaining game City Mania, you can create and expand your own city. You play the role of a city planner in this game. Create structures, control resources, and keep your populace content.
City Mania’s gameplay is varied and gives players a lot of options to choose from. In the game, players can erect a variety of stunning and practical buildings. There are countless options available, each with unique advantages.
The city will expand. To make it function, you must manage energy, water, and waste.

10. Islanders

Cool game Islanders lets you construct cities in novel ways. Playing it is enjoyable and unique.
A game was created by Grizzly Games. It makes use of resource management, puzzles, and strategy. You’ll enjoy playing it, I promise!
This indie game may appeal to you if you like city-building games like Dungeon Village. It features well-known gameplay mechanics with a distinctive twist.
Islanders requires its players to construct large cities on a variety of attractive and individually created islands.
Every playthrough is different because every island presents different difficulties. When you have few buildings, you must carefully plan your movements. For the most points and resources, place each building in the appropriate location.

11. Planetbase: The Space Colony Adventure

Play the thrilling game Planetbase and go on a journey to inhabit distant planets. The group of space­ settlers had one ultimate­ objective – to establish a se­lf-sustaining outpost on a faraway planet.
The colony will have to e­nsure the prese­nce of food, necessary re­sources, energy source­s and robots for survival. To succeed, one must mine resources, mine food, and build robots.
Making a flourishing space colony on various planets is the aim of the game Planetbase. You must properly create and maintain it. Players must choose wisely how to manage citizens, infrastructure, and resources.
Every time you play the game, new challenges are presented, making each playthrough unique. To keep their colony alive and expanding, players have to handle the necessary tasks like farming, mining, building, and life support.
The difficulty of Planetbase increases as you explore each planet. There are fresh challenges on every planet.

12. Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival
In the game Settlement Survival, you can create your own city. As you establish and maintain your settlement, you encounter difficulties. It’s exciting and engaging.
Whene­ver someone plays the­ game, a new world is gene­rated. The player’s re­sponsibility is to maintain adequate leve­ls of food, water, and building materials for their population to survive­. The video game Settlement Survival has fantastic visuals and a realistic setting. Fans of city development will adore it.
The gameplay requires thoughtful planning and strategy. The needs of the settlers must be balanced against the resources available. The game contains hazards, perilous creatures, and harmful weather. They might cause harm to the community’s residents. Buildings, expanding farms, and creating trade routes are all necessary for players to prosper in the game.


There are many fun games similar to dungeon village where you can build your own city. Players can discover various worlds and design the city according to their own ideas by using the above list.

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