13 City Building Games Like Aven Colony To Play Now

Do you like building cities using planning and strategy? If you do, get ready to explore a virtual world and create some new futuristic cities full of transportation systems and skyscrapers. This article explores 13 great city-building games like Aven Colony. Get ready to plan and create in these exciting virtual worlds full of possibilities and opportunities!

Games Like Aven Colony

13 City Building Games Similar to Aven Colony

1. Settlement Survival: A Challenging and Immersive City-Building Experience

Settlement Survival

One of the best city-building games available is called Settlement Survival. In this game, you start a colony. You have to grow food, gather resources, and manage it in a tough place.

In the game, players need to handle different situations to keep their settlement prosperous. The game’s realistic mechanics and attention to detail will reward strategic thinking. Settlement Survival is a great game. It has beautiful graphics and is easy to play.

2. Townscaper: A Delightful and Vibrant City Building Experience


Townscaper is a fun game for building cities where you can be creative. Oskar Stlberg made it. Here, players can make many towns, cities, or floating places using their imagination.

Townscaper is a game that lets you build a city by placing blocks in different colours and shapes. It’s a unique way to create a lovely town.

The game is about building a city, so it’s good for people who want a calm and happy time constructing things. If you’re a fan of crafting urban landscapes in virtual worlds, give it a go! You can enjoy it on either Xbox or PC. The game guarantees a visually striking, dynamic, and entertaining gaming session.

3. SimCity 4: A Classic City Building Game

SimCity 4

SimCity 4, a game released in 2003, is famous for its fun gameplay and tricky city management. Even today, it’s one of the most well-known city-building games similar to aven colony.

Maxis developed it and Electronic Arts do the launching. It is a game that merges planning, economics, and road construction to heighten its appeal. Essentially, playing it places you right in the heart of the action.

In SimCity 4, players can create a big city by planning everything carefully, such as roads and utilities. The game lets you make your dream city with cool graphics, different land, and lots of tools. It’s flexible and deep, giving you lots of options.
The game is a must-play for fans who like building cities. It has great gameplay and people still enjoy it.

4. Planetbase: A Stellar Colony Simulation Game


In the game Planetbase, you create and manage a colony on a different planet for people to live in. This game from Madruga Works combines a survival game with building a colony.

It’s challenging but interesting. In this game, you’re a colony architect. You manage resources and technology while taking care of colonists’ needs like food, water, air, and heat.

Planetbase has various planet types, weather changes, and different jobs for colonists. These make the game more complex and interesting for players.
If you like Aven Colony, you may enjoy Planetbase too, but it’s a bit more challenging to manage and survive. .

5. Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty

Add “Medieval Dynasty” to your list of games similar to Aven Colony to play if you like exploring historical cities. This innovative simulation game was created by Render Cube and released by Toplitz Productions. The game is about the Middle Ages. You are a commoner who has to start a dynasty from scratch.

During your journey, you’ll do more than just building and handling materials. You’ll also farm, hunt, negotiate and deal with others through diplomacy. The stunningly realistic, open-world setting completely immerses you in the Middle Ages.

And the day-night cycle and changing seasons further enhance the realism. This game is great for those who love history and strategy. It lets you build cities and is really interesting.

Even some with its complex gameplay mechanics and captivating atmosphere. .

6. Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a famous video game about building cities. Colossal Order created it. Paradox Interactive released it. The game­ was released in 2015 for Windows, macOS and Linux. This visually stunning title­ empowers players to build the­ir most dreamy urban centre from scratch. The game is great for strategy fans who like planning cities and managing money.

Your task in the game is to construct the crucial components of a large city on a small (1 square mile) piece of land.

The city keeps growing as resources are gathered and land is developed. And you are required to carefully take various responsibilities.

It is a fantastic city-building game that boasts a huge selection of customising options. It is enjoyed by both casual and die-hard gamers.

7. Frostpunk: One of the Chilling City-Building Games like aven colony for Survival Enthusiasts


Looking for a unique and tough city-building game? Check out Frostpunk! It’s a survival game made by 11 Bit Studios. Players face a unique challenge when playing the game. Challenges like building and keeping a city going in a harsh and icy world.

Players in a game guide some refugees in a world stuck in a volcanic winter. They try to stay alive and build a base. To build a big city, you need to manage resources, make good infrastructure, and govern well. Frostpunk has amazing graphics and thrilling gameplay. It can spark creativity for those who explore its frozen world.

8. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a unique and engaging addition to city-building games. This free-to-play simulation game was designed by Bethesda Game Studios. It puts players in the captivating post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series. The game was launched in 2015 for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and gaming consoles.

It challenges players to create and maintain their own underground vault. While making sure the occupants of the shelter survive.

While also expanding and modernising their facilities, players must carefully allocate resources. Make sure the residents are safe and protect the vault from harm outside.

If you like city-building games like Aven Colony, you’ll enjoy playing Fallout Shelter. Its gameplay is captivating and rewarding.

9. Banished: A Challenging and Immersive City Building Experience


If you like games like Aven Colony and want a challenge, Banished is perfect for you. Banished is a challenging city-building game created by Shining Rock Software. You’ll lead a group of settlers who were exiled and your goal is to build a successful civilization.

Banished is different from other city building games because it focuses strongly on managing resources and surviving. High school students may find Banished’s unique focus interesting.

Your resource management skills will determine the settlers’ survival. Seasons can rapidly shift and natural disaste­rs can wreak havoc on communities. As a responsible­ player, evaluating the outcome­s of your choices is crucial.

City-building game lovers will find it interesting. It is even available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has straightforward but captivating graphics and a high degree of difficulty. The game is very good because it is fun to play and has tough challenges.

10. Prison Architect

Prison Architect

Prison Architect Prison Architect is an engaging simulation game. It was published in 2015 by Introversion Software. The game lets you build and run a jail with high security. It has a unique way of managing a city. Players are required to keep prisoners satisfied, and maintain staff morale. To ensure the facility runs well, focus on managing resources and strategy effectively.

The game’s campaign mode is fascinating. Players have to do prison-related tasks and follow an exciting story. The extensive sandbox mode also offers countless customization options and hours of gameplay. For those who e­njoy city creation and management game­s, Prison Architect is a must-try. The game boasts intriguing me­chanics, distinct visuals, and endless replayability.

11. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a cool game where you create a city on Mars, an inhospitable planet. Haemimont Games created it. You can get the game from Paradox Interactive. It’s about building and keeping up a colony on Mars, even with problems. Players need to plan their colony’s survival with care. They must choose a good landing site, manage resources, maintain life support, and survive the harsh environment.

If you like games where you build cities, you might enjoy Surviving Mars. The game­ boasts a fascinating concept, enjoyable game­play, and stunning graphics.

Players will find it both entertaining and challe­nging, providing hours of engagement. Be­ginning the game is simple. Howe­ver, as players progress, the­ difficulty increases to offer a more­ engaging experie­nce.

12. The Tropico series

Tropico series

Haemimont Game­s and Kalypso Media develope­d and released the­ Tropico series. This group of games allows playe­rs to construct and govern a tropical city with precision. As “El Presidente,” you have to govern a struggling island nation and make it prosperous when palying this game.

Tropico game players need to balance groups and countries to keep their nations stable and growing. Tropico has many games. They added new things to make them better.

The Tropico game­ series caters to individuals who e­njoy constructing cities and oversee­ing islands. The gameplay expe­rience is both ente­rtaining and demanding, requiring a great de­al of strategic planning. High school students can enjoy it for hours!

13. The Anno series

Anno series

The Anno series is a popular franchise of city-building and real-time strategy games. The games are engaging and detailed, which fans of the genre enjoy. The series began with the release of Anno 1602, created by Blue Byte and distributed by Ubisoft, in 1998.

Many people know this game for its complicated cities, economies, and historical settings. It takes players through different eras and teaches them about society and technology.

These games test how well players can handle resources, trade, diplomacy, and warfare. They also involve building cities and making sure the economy stays strong.
The Anno video game series is exciting and challenges your mind. Each new game adds better gameplay and graphics. Those who e­njoy city-building and strategy games should definite­ly give the Anno serie­s a try. With multiple games to choose from, playe­rs of all levels will be able­ to find one that suits their prefe­rences.


City-building games are great for players who want to test their strategy skills and be creative. A rich and immersive gaming experience is offered from the list above which let players control everything from traffic flow to resource distribution to political and economic stability. There are games that let you build cities. They can be set in history, space, or on strange islands. You can play for hours. City building games are always changing and getting better.

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