13 Free Breeding Games Like Lioden For iOS & Android

Are you a devoted follower of the ferocious and alluring world of Lioden and constantly on the lookout for additional simulation games like it? So grab your seat because we’ve got a list of 13 thrilling games that will transport you on a journey through the wild unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Discover some of the most incredible virtual worlds by diving into a world of exploration and adventure. These virtual pet games have something for everyone, whether you’re an aspiring ruler, an experienced breeder, or an adventurous explorer!

Discover a remarkable selection of Cubs games like Lioden as you continue reading to sate your craving for online adventures bursting with gorgeous graphics, captivating gameplay, and unforgettable experiences. You will definitely roar with excitement as you explore these virtual worlds!

breeding games like Lioden

13 Free Breeding Games Similar To Lioden For iOS & Android

1. Wajas


Wajas is a fun and unique online pet breeding game for people who like to collect and breed virtual animals. Wajas is a creative and immersive game for people of all ages. It has both fun markings and strange mutations. The game is very much like Lioden in how it lets you breed a lot of different things.

It focuses on deep genetics and complicated lineages to satisfy the most dedicated breeders. Even though it isn’t about hunting or other action-based activities, it has found a place in the hearts of pet breeding simulation game fans on both Android and iOS.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this fascinating world and make your own collection of Wajas.

  • Available Platform: Online
  • Genre: Virtual Pet Simulation
  • Game Mission: Nurture and breed unique virtual wolves in a vibrant online community.

2. DogHotel

DogHotel is an addictive animal breeding game for Android and iOS that lets users build and run their own dog resort. The game is meant to test how well you can take care your own cute dogs of different breeds. And each will have its own personality, needs, and challenges.

Players are tasked with making the stay as pleasant as possible for their canine guests by providing for their basic needs like bathing, feeding, petting, and walking.

Also, it is a great place to train a virtual dog. For example, the obstacle course lets players improve their pet’s fitness.

DogHotel is a fun game for people who love dogs because it has realistic graphics and lets you care for up to eight dogs at once.

  • Developer: Tivola
  • Available Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Publishers: Tivola Publishing GmbH
  • Game Mission: Manage your own dog hotel, catering to the needs and whims of various canine guests.

3. Khimeros


Khimeros is a fun and different free-to-play breeding game like Lioden that can be played on iOS as well as Android. This visually impressive breeding game was made by the same people who made GPXPlus. It lets players create and breed Khimbits, which are strange creatures. Khimeros is a charming game that combines simulations of pets, breeding, and travelling around the world.

When making Khimbits and breeding them, players can let their imaginations run wild because they can choose from a wide range of colours and genes. The game also has special events, quests, and minigames that keep players entertained with new challenges and adventures.

  • Available Platform: Web browser
  • Genre: Virtual Pet, RPG
  • Game Mission: Dive into a world of magical creatures called Khimeras and embark on exciting adventures.

4. Furry Paws

Furry Paws

In the entertaining online pet simulation game Furry Paws, players can raise, train, and breed virtual dogs. Players can concentrate on improving their dog’s genes or aiming for particular coat colours in this game, which features a wide variety of dog breeds. Players can also enjoy a variety of entertaining mini-games on Furry Paws.

  • Available Platform: Web browser
  • Genre: Virtual Pet Simulation
  • Game Mission: Raise, train, and compete with your very own virtual dogs in a lively online dog show community.

5. WolfQuest


Players can enter the life of a wild grey wolf in the fascinating simulation game WolfQuest and discover the wolf’s ecology and behaviour. It is an educational game created by the Minnesota Zoo and eduweb, is marketed as a great resource for those who love the outdoors.

The primary target of this game is to form some wolf pack, also embarking on thrilling hunts to secure prey, and navigating a visually stunning environment for your survival.

It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as a number of customizations and expansions that will appeal to players who enjoy wildlife adventures.

  • Available Platform: PC, Steam, iOS, Mac, & Android
  • Genre: Simulation, Educational
  • Game Mission: Experience the life of a wild wolf, exploring the wilderness, hunting prey, and forming a pack.

6. Animal Jam

Animal Jam

Popular virtual world Animal Jam was created by WildWorks and National Geographic with the goal of catering to kids between the ages of 6 and 12. The game, which can be accessed through web browsers and mobile apps, immerses young players in a virtual world brimming with lovely settings, educational adventures, and social interaction.

In addition to exploring Jamaa’s various lands and learning about actual animals and natural wonders, players can design and personalise their own animal avatars. While ensuring a fun and safe experience, the game promotes imagination, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Kids can explore a vibrant, engaging virtual world thanks to the way that Animal Jam strikes a balance between education and entertainment.

  • Available Platform: PC, Steam, Mac, Android & iOS
  • Genre: MMO, Educational
  • Game Mission: Discover and learn about various animals in a fun and interactive online world.

7. DragonVale


DragonVale is a fun mobile game for Android and iOS devices that is great for people who like breeding games like Lioden that are about breeding animals. Backflip Studios made this game, which takes people to a fantasy world where they can collect, breed, and raise different kinds of dragons.

Beginning with a few basic dragons, players can breed and hatch different dragon species, producing a diverse environment for their magical creatures.

While levelling up their dragons, participants can accumulate in-game currency, create thriving habitats, and more. Regular updates add new content and new challenges, which keeps the game fresh and interesting.

DragonVale is a standout among breeding games that is delightfully entertaining and has the power to enthral both dragon fans and new players.

  • Available Platform: iOS & Android
  • Genre: Park simulator
  • Publishers: Backflip Studios
  • Game Mission: Build and manage a magical dragon park, breeding and collecting different dragon species.

8. Ultimate Jungle Simulator

Ultimate Jungle Simulator

The Ultimate Jungle Simulator is a game made by Gluten Free Games that is fun for people who like animals and nature.

It has a lot of wild animals that look real and are designed beautifully. Each animal has its own unique traits and skills. To do well, players must find their way through the game’s lush environments, make babies, and keep the ecosystem in balance.
It is a must-try for Android and iOS users who want a free breeding game like Lioden with easy-to-use controls, beautiful graphics, and an immersive experience.

  • Available Platform: Android & iOS
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Publishers: Gluten Free Games
  • Game Mission: Survive and thrive as a jungle creature, hunting for food, defending territory, and starting a family.

9. Animal Acres

Animal Acres

Animal Acres is a free-to-play breeding game that is fun and interesting. It is great for Android and iOS users who want a similar experience to Lioden.

With the help of genetics and mutations, players can explore the vast possibilities of animal breeding in this engrossing game. Players will spend hours amusing themselves with this game’s stunning visuals, captivating gameplay, and simple interface.

The game allows players to raise a variety of animals, from domesticated farm animals to exotic species. And they can add more animals to their collection as they advance. It is a simpler and more approachable alternative to Lioden.

It’s the perfect mix of casual fun and interesting challenges. Don’t miss this hidden gem, which is fun for both experienced breeders and people who are just starting out.

  • Available Platform: iOS & Android
  • Genre: Farming, Simulation

10. Wolvden: A Breeding Adventure Like No Other


Wolvden is an interesting and immersive breeding game that gives animal lovers and people who like to play with genetics a rich virtual experience. This free browser-based game is similar to its popular predecessor, Lioden.

Players can raise, breed, and customise their own pack of wolves while exploring a beautiful world. Players can give their wolves different spots, mutations, and even rare colours that they can unlock.

Hunting, managing your territory, and interacting with your pack are all fun ways to play Wolvden, which is based on real genetic principles.

  • Available Platform: Web browser
  • Genre: RPG, Simulation
  • Game Mission: Immerse yourself in a realistic wolf pack simulator, navigating social dynamics and surviving in the wild.

11. Cat’s Paw Island

Cat’s Paw Island

Cat’s Paw Island is a unique breeding game that takes place in a virtual world. It lets players dive into the fascinating world of big cats. Like the popular game similar to Lioden, this free game gives Android and iOS users a fun way to play. Players start by making a custom avatar of a cat, which they can then use to explore the huge virtual world.

Users can breed their cats to make kittens with different traits and looks by focusing on breeding and genetics. There are also interactive parts to the game, like hunting, taking part in forum discussions, and doing challenges, which keep players interested and entertained.

Cat’s Paw Island is a great choice for people who like breeding games like Lioden. Because it has an interesting mix of simulation, community discussion, and immersive gameplay.

  • Available Platform: Web browser
  • Genre: Virtual Pet, Social
  • Game Mission: Chat, roleplay, and engage in virtual pet adventures in an enchanting feline-themed world.

12. Dogzer


Dogzer is a great choice if you like dogs and are looking for games similar to Lioden. This fun and interactive game lets players adopt, breed, and train different kinds of dogs in a way that feels realistic.

It is a third-person simulation game with a lot of fun things to do, like entering dog shows, getting different certifications, and even starting your own breeding business.

Dogzer guarantees an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels with its user-friendly interface and aesthetically pleasing graphics.

This game is ideal for those who want to get a taste of the dog breeding industry without spending any money. Because it is a free-to-play game. Therefore, give Dogzer a try right now and let your inner dog lover out!

  • Available Platform: Web browser
  • Genre: Virtual Pet Simulation
  • Game Mission: Raise and train your own virtual dogs, participate in competitions, and interact with a passionate dog-loving community.

13. Cute Puppy Care Game: Dog Lovers Must Play!

Cute Puppy Care Game

Cute Puppy Care is a great choice if you like dogs and want to play a fun and interesting breeding game. This free adventure game for Android and iOS lets you raise, train, and take care of cute virtual puppies in a fun world.

You will never get tired of exploring the endless possibilities for your furry friends. Because there are so many different breeds and genetics to experiment with.

Even the most inexperienced player can quickly get used to the interface thanks to how simple it is to use. And the realistic graphics and animations will keep you engrossed for hours. It is a game you will play repeatedly because as you advance you can find exciting rewards and challenges.


The world of virtual breeding games has a lot to offer people who want to learn more about genetics, mutations, and playing games with animals. From browser-based to mobile games on Android and iOS, these games offer different ways to build, breed, and learn.

Strong, helpful communities built around these games give players a fun place to meet, share tips, and grow together.

Even though these games are different in terms of complexity and features, they all have the same focus on genetics and strategic gameplay. As technology keeps getting better, we can only imagine how exciting new developments in this interesting gaming niche could be.


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